Saturday, April 7, 2018

Movie Accessories. Sims 4

Movie Accessories. Sims 4.

Created specially for poses by @rethdis-love Movie.

All accessories can be found in category Ring. Unisex.

Download all accessories (Sim File Share)
Download all accessories (Mega)

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Pose creators, feel free to use my accessories, but don’t include them into your file, just give the link to this post.

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  1. I love this set, but I REALLY HATE ADFLY!!! Get if off, plese. You allready have a donation button that should enough for you.
    And by to way that shitty adfly did try to give shit on my computer again. And oh yes I DO use antivirus programs and adblocks and stuff so don't even think of complaining me about the lack of security. It's your responsibility to make sure that your downloads are save and free from bad ads and viruses. I take care that my computers security works and it does. Tough I still don't want shit to my computer if I can avoid it.Finally, sorry if there are typos or translation jargon in the text, but English is not my home language.
    I really did not intend to offend you in any way, I just really don't like adfly or it's alternatives.
    Still, the downloads you have made are quite awesome. I really love them.

    1. I always check my links, and they have no viruses and such. Anyway, I always give direct links for downloads to people who have problems with adlfy. Contact me via tumblr ( and I'll send you links you want.

  2. Unable to access the site when trying to link - connection dropped

    1. Send me a message via tumblr, please.